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Prints so Limited they're basically wallet friendly investment

The anti-reprint approach turns my hand crafted original prints — into a certified limited edition. To ensure even my most affordable prints grow as an investment, every single one comes certified, stamped and assigned a unique reference number. Once the limit is hit, your chance to own one is gone.

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Say Hello to the Original Dollar Doodle

Whoever said “Money can’t buy you happiness” clearly never encountered the Dollar Doodle. Hand painted on a range of bills, Jonny Fyvie’s Dollar Doodles are a pop culture mashup. Don’t see your favourite nostalgic character in the shop? Drop Jonny a line to see what he can do.

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Making money more valuable, one Original at a time

I love nostalgia, I love hand painting characters that make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside – and who doesn’t like money? There you go, thats the origin story for the Dollar Doodle in 8 seconds. Remember, don’t settle for ‘samey’. All money looks the same until you slap your favourite character all over it. Worry not – the notes I use as my canvas are not commissioned legal tender. So there is no need to panic google “how long will I get in prison for owning such a beautiful creation…”

Black Custom Floating Frames Now Avaliable

Giving Your Beloved Art A Seamless ‘3D’ Experience

Wrap your favourite inside one of my gravity-defying, custom floating frames and breathe life into your next purchase. Fair warning: Jealous and overwhelmed onlookers may involuntarily scream on sight at how “OMG AWESOME” your Jonnyfyvie looks floating in the third dimension. Worry not, these frames come equipped with professional AR70 Art Glass, which will help keep the drooling fans from harming your beloved creation.

Bigger is Always Better

In a range of sizes from substantial, through whopping all the way to gargantuan, these pieces will make a statement. All hand painted and one of a kind, don’t miss your chance to hang one of these unique pieces in your home.

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Gift something Big for a Special Someone, No Matter the Occasion

These bespoke, one-off facemelting bits of big art have a real habbit of dissapearing and never being seen again. Like seriously, seriously. I guess having a hand painted “monster” spanning almost a metre wide (for some of these bad boys) is heavily desired. As these are one offs though, please don’t take too long to decide and miss out. Nobody wants you to end up colon, open bracket.. 🙁